Discos la Metralleta is one of the first second-hand record stores that appeared in Madrid.

It was the late 60s and we had a place on the trail little by little with effort and determination in the mid-70s we opened our first stores on Calle Gran Vía and Calle Peña Atalaya later in the early 80s in Plaza de las Descalzas, in the 90 Plaza del Ángel in 2000 Calle Gaztambide and Calle Costanilla de los Ángeles, Avenida de San Diego and in 2019 in Calle Preciados of which the store of Plaza de Descalzas (since 1985).

Leading and benchmark store in Spain for the sale of second-hand records and films and collection.

With more than 10 years of online experience and 50 as a physical store, we are a national leader in the sector of sales of collectible records. From all the La Metralleta team it is a pride to have your trust during all these years, and for new users to be able to earn your trust. Although it may sound like a cliché, we strive a lot every day to continue being the benchmark website nationwide, thanks to the motivation we receive from you. Being able to solve a question, being able to serve the product you need in record time, offering good communication, having offers in music and cinema, seeing that you repeat a purchase, is something that we like, motivate and love. It is a pleasure to have you in all this. It makes us enjoy our work.

Why buy music and movie records at La Metralleta?

Of course it is your decision, but we make it very easy, because we offer you more than 20,000 references of the best artists at the best price online, with super fast delivery service being informed at all times of the status of the package since you make the purchase until you receive it. Everything we offer is original and reviewed by our team. Possibility of free shipping. And accumulation of loyalty points that you can transform into discount vouchers.

Why these low prices in La Metralleta?

It is very simple, it has no trick, we buy lots in large quantities from individuals, warehouses and distributors, making the unit's unit price cheaper. We will transfer this price decrease in our batch purchase so that you can opt for a better price.

In addition, we have exclusive sophisticated software developed for La Metralleta that allows faster order preparation.

What if a disc doesn't work?

Well, in this case, you only have to process the return directly with us. It is very easy, you just have to enter your customer account and manage it with just 3 clicks. And we take care of everything: Collection of the article, AT NO COST TO YOU of any kind. Transportation is paid by us. And we will inform you of everything in a simple way when the defective item is picked up. Remember, it is managed with 3 clicks, that simple and the transport costs are borne by us. In a short time you will have your return.

Everything guaranteed.

Can I buy in the physical store of La Metralleta?

Of course, we will be happy to assist you in person and we offer you the possibility of selling / changing your second-hand vinyl records, CDs, DVDs and Blue-Ray that you no longer always use with the best appraisal, in addition you will find a very wide selection that Due to the amount of material movement it is impossible for us to publish on the web.

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With registered office: Parking Plaza de las Descalzas (Puerta D shopping arcade)

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+34 91 5318264

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Discos la Metralleta
Commercial Gallery of the Parking Plaza de las Descalzas
(It is the store that has the mannequin on the door)
Madrid, Spain