The story of Hombres G: how a Spanish pop rock band conquered a generation
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The story of Hombres G: how a Spanish pop rock band conquered a generation

Hombres G: the Spanish band that marked an era with their pop rock music

Hombres G is a Spanish pop rock band that originated in Madrid in 1982. With their catchy style and witty lyrics, the band quickly became a music phenomenon in Spain and Latin America.

The band is made up of David Summers (vocals and bass), Daniel Mezquita (guitar), Rafa Gutiérrez (guitar) and Javi Molina (drums). From their first concerts in the bars and clubs of Madrid, Hombres G demonstrated a great talent for creating catchy and energetic pop rock songs.

In 1985, Hombres G released their first eponymous album, which included some of their biggest hits such as "Devuélveme a mi chica" and "Marta tiene un marcapasos". The album was a huge hit in Spain and catapulted the band to fame.

Over the following years, Hombres G released a series of successful albums, including "Agitar antes de usar" and "Voy a pasármelo bien". Their songs became true anthems for Spanish youth, and the band became a symbol of the Madrid movida of the 80s.

In addition to their success in Spain, Hombres G also became a phenomenon in Latin America, where their songs were popular in countries such as Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

Throughout their career, Hombres G have evolved their sound and experimented with different styles and genres. Despite this, they have always maintained their pop rock essence and their ability to create songs that stick in the heads of their fans.

Today, Hombres G continues to be a very active band, with a full schedule of concerts and performances all over the world. Their legacy as one of the most influential and beloved bands in Spanish music is assured, and their songs will continue to be part of the soundtrack for generations to come.

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