La Metralleta: Madrid's legendary record shop and its shared identity
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La Metralleta: Madrid's legendary record shop and its shared identity

The legendary record shop "La Metralleta" is a family business founded by my father, "Pepe el Metralleta", and his former partner several decades ago in Madrid. After his retirement the children decided to separate the business into two parts, one of which is mine and my sister Paloma's. Although we share the name of the shop with the other part, ours has a unique personality and approach.

We understand that the coexistence of two shops with such a similar name can cause some confusion, but for us it is important to maintain the identity of our business and to honour our father's legacy. He is a much loved person in the record business, thanks to his kindness, charisma and friendliness. He always sought to offer unbeatable value for money and was committed to fair and ethical business.

In our shop, we follow that same spirit. We are proud to offer a wide selection of products from both national and international artists in a variety of genres. In addition, our team of experts is always available to help you find what you are looking for and to recommend new jewellery.

Our shop is a meeting place for music lovers, a place where you can feel the good atmosphere and the passion for music.

In short, although there may be other shops with similar names, ours has a unique spirit and characteristics that make it stand out. If you are a true music lover, we invite you to visit us and discover everything we have to offer.

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